About Argonaut


In 1979, Argonaut was established to produce postcards that represent the image of the city of Madison, Wisconsin with a new family of photographs assembled as a cross-sectional view of the unique culture of the city of Madison and surroundings. Using the best photographs available from local professional photographers, Argonaut has developed a history of the images that define Madison's unique character and it's growth over the years - images ranging from the downtown skyline from several previous decades, through the era of the still famous "Statue of Liberty" and "Flamingos on Bascom Hill", and up through the construction of the Monona Terrace Convention Center and the remarkable downtown developments that have followed.

Argonaut has grown to be the major souvenir supplier to Madison and south-central Wisconsin as well as now offering production services to others. As one of the first digital postcard producers in America we've been operating a 100% digital pre-press since the technology came on line in a practical form for commercial use in 1989. The same expertise that we have developed to reproduce the highest quality photographs as translated through the offset litho process can be put to use for your project. Whether you are an artist intending to showcase your personal works or a marketing operation requiring the highest quality postcards and other mailers for your client, our ability to reproduce and/or manipulate color in the digital domain is solid and extensive.

See more about Custom made postcards to learn how your photos or artwork can be used to produce the highest quality card. Also, If you can adapt your mailing concept to take advantage of one of the great eye-catching images from our existing line of cards you may want to consider purchasing photo use rights for your project. Postcards marketing achieves a remarkable penetration with your target audience. Almost everybody will flip a card over to read the message before discarding it. You'll not only be able to send your mailing out at a record low cost, (as low as 26 cents per piece total cost, including production and postage) you may even have your mailing end up with a longer than normal useful life if you use a humorous or otherwise memorable image. It could actually be pinned up on a bulletin board or stuck to a refrigerator instead of the dreaded express route to the recipient's trash bin.

If you like whimsical images, check out our "close-outs" for cheap (inexpensive) cards that are ready to use in bulk. These are our publishing mistakes and over-runs from years of publishing nationally distributed art-card postcards and, rather than warehouse them, or send them to the recycler, we move them out for almost nothing. There is nothing wrong with them. We just have too many of them due to over-printing or miscalculating market sentiments, or any of a half-dozen other pitfalls of the publishing business. Check them out for a super discounted source of postcards for promotions, invitations... or just to write a memorable note to your Senator.